Dear future volunteer,

We encourage anyone interested in volunteering to print and complete our Volunteer Application, and submit it to info@booksaloud.org or at our office

You can call at (408) 808-2616, or come in and visit us. Books Aloud is located in the lower level of Dr. Martin Luther King Library, an eight story new building at San Fernando and 4th Street, downtown San Jose, California.

The Books Aloud mission of recording books on cassette tape and circulating them free of charge to individuals who are visually, physically, or learning disabled would not be possible without volunteers. Volunteers help open windows to the world through the magic of books for those who "read by listening."

Tasks for which volunteers are needed include but not limited to:



  • Select tape-recorded books for patrons
  • Check-out on circulation computer
  • Package the tapes for shipping


  • Record patron's reserve requests on computer
  • Label and shelve listener requests


  • Open mail bags
  • Check-in on the computer
  • Rewind tapes and prepare for shelving


  • Maintain master tape files
  • Maintain listener files
  • Maintain history files

Office Support

  • Type master cards for new titles
  • Process all new titles and albums
  • Duplicate and label new tapes
  • Maintain supply of office forms
  • Prepare mailing envelopes


  • Record books onto tape
  • Readers are auditioned and, if the audition if passed, scheduled for 1 hour per week.


  • Track and monitor return of all tapes
  • Contact patrons of overdue tapes

Bulk Email

  • Fold, staple, and label newsletters, flyers, etc.


  • Replace damaged tapes
  • Mend and clean albums and mailing envelopes